Aquanife Water Polishing

Completely clean without chemicals

Water as the main component




all kinds of surfaces


No wear


Long media life


semigloss surface


professional satin finish


efficient and gentle


AquaNife Water Polisher

Water polishing is a process in which water acts as the main component with a specie made of mixed media.

The blanks are sprayed with this mixture under high pressure, and compared to other known methods this is not aggressive on the surface. Residues of blowing material are not embedded in the surface, bearing fits are not affected and the surface appears sealed, dirt-repellent, and is easy to keep clean.

Water polishing with AquaNife equipment is the perfect solution where a semigloss surface on aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze, titanium, magnesium, copper, plastic, rubber and other materials is required.

Water polishing with AquaNife is the only way to make items look like new. Is indispensable in the restoration of cars, motorcycles, mechanics.

Water polishing with AquaNife can be used to advantage to create a uniform professional satin finish on newly manufactured components.

Water polishing with AquaNife is at the same time very efficient and gentle on the components, without removing material from the workpieces.


NYHED hos AquaNife HTMR Supergun 😎

Nyhed hos AquaNife vandpolering, HTMR Supergun AquaNife vandpolering er den mest effektive rengøringsmetode på markedet, og nu er det muligt at gøre den endnu mere effektiv og spare endnu mere tid! Der er to måder at kunne øge effektiviteten af vandpoleringen, den ene...

Smilet var stort hos Autosmeden da de fik leveret deres AquaNife kabine!

Smilet var stort hos Autosmeden, da de lige før nytår fik leveret deres nye AquaNife vandpoleringskabine Ikke nok med, at man med en AquaNife vandpoleringskabine får et mere grønt image, da alt omhandlede kabinerne foregår 100% miljøvenligt, så får man også et værktøj...

Skud 2022 godt i gang med en AquaNife vandpoleringskabine

Så er 2022 skudt i gang, og hvilken bedre start på året end med en AquaNie vandpoleringskabine? Det har KF auto gjort, så stort tillykke til dem med deres nye yndlingsværktøj! Med en vandpoleringskabine fra AquaNife kan i effektivisere og optimere jeres hverdag, da...

New updated Neptune cabin!

Christmas is coming early this year, because you can already start and look forward to the next few weeks, as we at AquaNife will continuously present new and updated cabin models, which are fully and partially automated water polishing cabins. The first cabin we want. .

AquaNife water polishing remove Power coating easily like nothing!

Wow, just see the difference in this antechamber cover after it has been a trip through the AquaNife water polishing cabin 🤩 The part was covered with power coating, but that is no problem for the AquaNife water polishing cabin, which easily and quickly got the part polished up and ...

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