Deburring with water polishing

Water polishing is usually a gentle polishing method that polishes items completely without removing material. This changes AquaNife Cut-Rocks, when Cut-Rocks are filled in the AquaNife cabin instead of the traditional medium, the cabin becomes extremely efficient for use in deburring.

Deburring of CNC milled workpiece

Here is an example of a CNC milled workpiece that has subsequently been deburred with water polishing and with AquaNife Cut-Rocks as media.

Benefits of deburring with AquaNife Cut-Rocks

In addition to traditional manual deburring or machine deburring, deburring with water polishing has a number of advantages.

  • Efficiency, it goes much faster than manually
  • Uniform finish on the whole subject
  • Gentle on the subject
  • Economically attractive
  • Long media life

A good deburring machine

The Aquanife cabins are all really good deburring machines when the Cut-Rocks medium is used. We are sure that it will be both, easier, faster and cheaper for you to use one of our cabins for deburring than the known traditional methods. Should you be in doubt whether it could be something for you, you should finally just contact us so we can answer all your questions regarding deburring using water and Cut-Rocks.

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