Vapor Blasting

What is Vapor Blasting?

Vapor blasting is also known as water polishing or liquid honing. The method is in extreme progress is and is fast becoming the preferred way to polish and deburr items, especially when when the requirement is nice finish and no sliage on the item.

The key to vapor blasting is that the "abrasive media" are waterborne and it is the water and not the medium that cleans and polishes. This means that no dust is generated as with dry polishing and that the media does not hit the workpiece so that there is neither wear nor release of material from the media onto the workpiece.

Benefits of Vapor Blasting:

  • Dust-free
  • Cleans using water and not physical contact
  • Removes grease and oil while cleaning the workpiece
  • Long media life
  • Gives a nicer and "softer" surface finish
  • Does not provide media material for the topic
  • Does not wear the item

Typical applications:

  • Degreasing / surface cleaning of e.g. auto parts, motorcycle parts and items for industry
  • Cleaning of molds
  • Removal of paint, rust, peeling and deposits of various kinds
  • Surface preparation before e.g. primer, mailing or varnishing
  • Gives a “satin finish” on e.g. stainless steel and other materials
  • Can clean PCBs and electrical contacts
  • Can remove brand marks left by production processes

AquaNife cabins for Vapor Blasting are made so that it is easy to carry out the polishing, which is intended for both start-up, execution, separation of dirt and optimal recycling of the media.

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