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The team at Oksbøl Autoservice when we came with their new AquaNife cabin

The whole team was ready at Oksbøl Autoservice when we came and delivered their new AquaNife water polishing cabin, and were looking forward to getting started With their new AquaNife water polishing cabin, they can look forward to an every day without the nuisance of dust, noise and chemistry! Another benefit ...

EU distributor of AquaNife

Industrial machines
for water polishing

- completely clean without chemistry and without dust.


AquaNife water polishing is a process in which water acts as the main component with a specially made medium mixed in.
The items are sprayed under high pressure but are not aggressive on the surface. Residues of blowing material are not embedded in the surface, bearing fits are not affected and the surface appears sealed, dirt-repellent, and is easy to keep clean.

Facts about AQUANIFE

Water polishing with AquaNife is the only one
opportunity to make topics look like new.

  • Efficient and gentle
  • No wear
  • Does not provide media material for the topic
  • Beautiful professional finish
  • All kinds of surfaces
  • Dust-free
  • Long media life
  • Indispensable for the restoration of cars, motorcycles and mechanics
  • Uniform professional satin finish on newly manufactured components
  • Removes grease and oil while cleaning the workpiece


Aquanife Bench Mate water polishing machine

- completely clean - without chemistry - without dust.

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completely clean - without chemistry - without dust

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