Christmas is coming early this year, because you can already start and look forward to the next few weeks, as we at AquaNife will continuously present new and updated cabin models that are fully and partially automated water polishing cabins ūüĎć
The first cabin we want to tell a little more about is a new Aquanife Neptun Prof water polishing cabin that has a lot of exciting new features, and it lands already next week! It is a large spacious cabin that measures 1.5 meters in width and has as many as 2 workstations! The cabin can therefore accommodate large items for water polishing, and the smart thing about this new model is that it has a rail system with swivel base that makes it possible to move heavy items in and out of the cabin.
Another huge advantage of this new model is that the cabin has a pneumatic upward door, so you do not have to calculate space around the cabin door opening.
So you work with big industrial topics, and want to make everyday life easier for yourself? Then the new Neptune cabin is for you! As always, everything is completely dust-free and environmentally friendly ūüĎć
Feel free to contact us on + 45 40 34 13 25, if you want to hear more about the new cabin or want a visit of the demo bus for demonstration of cabins