Then AquaNife has returned to Funen, after a couple of wonderful days on Bornholm, where we were received fantastically well. 😊
We were around with the demo bus and were shown water polishing cabins in long lanes, and already now there are some lucky ones who have had their new AquaNife water polishing cabin installed and set up, and they can look forward to, among other things, being able to clean brake yokes in just 20 seconds😎
One of the great advantages of AquaNife water polishing cabins is that you get a highly efficient tool for restoration and cleaning of various parts and components, completely without compromising on the environment, everything about our cabins is 100% environmentally friendly, dust-free and quiet !
We agree AquaNife water polishing sounds too good to be true! So see it with your own eyes and book a visit of the demo bus on + 45 40 34 13 25, or contact us for a non-committal chat if you have any questions!