The whole team was ready at Oksbøl Autoservice when we arrived and delivered their new AquaNife water polishing cabin, and were looking forward to getting started 👍 With their new AquaNife water polishing cabin, they can look forward to an every day without the hassle of dust, noise and chemistry! Another advantage of AquaNife is that the main component is water and the media you use has a long service life, so the cabin has low consumption costs. The cabin is extremely gentle and provides no wear to the component being treated. At the same time, the cabin is super efficient and can be used on almost any surface and gives a semi-gloss surface, so AquaNife water polishing is the obvious choice for anyone working with restoration, cleaning and much much more! 😎 Feel free to contact us on + 45 40 34 13 25 for a non-binding talk about how we can help you, and if you want a visit of the demo bus for demonstration of cabins.