Then the AquaNife car came past Paws Auto workshop with their new water polishing cabin 👍 Among other things, they must use the cabin for brake service and restoration of mopeds! With a water polishing cabin from AquaNife, you can optimize your everyday life, as with it it is possible to clean otherwise difficult things such as braking yokes in just 20 seconds and be left with a fantastic finish! Although AquaNife water polishing is super efficient, it does not remove any material from the part or change the dimensions of the part, creating endless applications. If you want an everyday life without the nuisance of dust and chemistry, we are happy to help inspire you on how you can make your everyday life both easier and more fun with an AquaNife water polishing cabin 😎 contact us on + 45 40 34 13 25 for a non-committal chat, or if you want a visit from the demo bus 😃