Wow, just look at the finish of this cylinder head after a time in an AquaNife water polishing cabin! The brand new finish of the cylinder head can be easily and quickly achieved with water polishing, and at the same time it is completely without removing material or changing its dimensions ūüĎć Another huge advantage of AquaNIfe water polishing cabins is that everything is 100% dust-free, without chemicals and is very quiet, and the cabins can be used with different types of media, depending on the finish you want. This is just an application of the AquaNife water polishing cabins, and it is only the imagination that sets the limits for what you can use it for, another very popular application is cleaning the brake yoke in just 20 seconds! Feel free to contact us on + 45 40 34 13 25, if you want a visit of the demo bus for demonstration of cabins on your own parts, or if you have any questions ūüėé