AquaNife water polishing caters to many customer groups, as we have different types of cabins, depending on whether the need is for the ambitious hobby workshop or for a professional workshop 👍
Do you not want to have an employee to do the work, but still get the same amazing finish? Then Gladiator is the solution for you! This top professional automated cabin, can easily and quickly clean and restore e.g. engine parts and give a great finish, without damaging any of the interior. Of course, everything takes place completely dust-free, without chemistry and is very quiet.
Watch the video to see Gladiator in action, where they clean an engine part for corrosion 😎
Contact us today on + 45 40 34 13 25, and we will guide you to which cabin is the right one for you, and come by with the demo bus, if you want to try the technique on your own parts.